Heidel-Briana and Raya Bethel are identical twin American artists. Their paintings dazzle the imagination with such brilliant colors and reflective light, its a symphony for your eyes. Each piece is reminiscent of molten glass fired in extreme temperatures, yet like suspended liquid on canvas. Their work incorporates the luminescence and beauty of the natural world. Dazzled with metallic and pearlescent streams, the layers of their contemporary abstract art have unparalleled brilliance.


With their love for Chihuly Glass Art, his work has been an inspiration. The twins have always been deeply moved by his grand glass art sculptures and vivid use of color.

 The twins were raised in a family of musicians and artists. Heidel-Briana and Raya’s childhood was filled with training in ballet, dance classes, and gymnastics. They began playing violin at age nine. As serious musical students becoming dedicated musicians, they played in multiple symphonies in their youth. When they fell in love with art all of their previous training in music and dance was funneled into their fine art ventures.

Heidel Briana and Raya began their journey as figurative artists with portraiture as well as drawing and painting nudes from life. Then through technical training and many projects they developed in-depth skills in landscape and architecture painting. Starting early in life, they explored every genre of art and technique to broaden their skill level and creative platforms. From studying the work of the renaissance masters of art to exploring modern abstraction they have always had a passion to create breath taking art using unique techniques.  As young professionals, Heidel-Briana and Raya Bethel started a company blending art and interior design. Working in multi million dollar homes and commercial interiors including casinos they painted huge larger than life murals. They have completed an impressive collection of large scale landscapes and architectural murals throughout the years. Now from a lifetime of being fine artists with a huge body of work, they have a broad group of collectors worldwide.


After many years developing an in depth understanding of color, light and shadow on objects the twins found they could carry a thought and emotion instantaneously through striking contemporary abstract paintings that look like blown glass. With an alchemical process and many complex layers they bring to life Capture La Lumiere Series. They incorporate rich rare pigments from all over the world to bring about bold translucent colors to the series. The blending and melding of colors with reflective elements allows your imagination to see a story in each painting.  For a final touch they inlay meteorites to bring a piece of the history of the earth and the cosmos to the painting.